Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in June 1942


King Peter II delivered a speech to Congress on June 25, 1942. Source Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia

June 1 - Gen. shot in Bulgaria. Vladimir Zaimov for spying for the USSR.

Monument Vladimir Zaimov, Pleven

June 2 - September 11 - The BBC publishes lists of Nedićs and Ljotićs placed under the "letter Z" ("intimidate"), some of whom were killed by Chetnik troikas.

The black troikas were three-member Chetnik formations for the liquidation of political opponents by slaughter. Although they were founded to liquidate the occupier's associates, many communists, fighters, and sympathizers of the resistance movement and members of their families came under attack.

Chetnik trio slaughters. One of those present reads the verdict.

June 7 - Metropolitan Hermogenes enthroned as Patriarch of the Croatian Orthodox Church.

June 7 - Aris Velouchiotis declares the beginning of the struggle of the Greek National Liberation Army (ELAS), the military wing of the leftist EAM.

10. 6. - By order of King Peter II, gen. Draža Mihailović was appointed Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland (the headquarters is in Gornji Lipovo near Kolašin).

June 10 - July 18 - Battle of Kozara (Operation Western Bosnia): German and NDH forces, as well as Hungarian river monitors, launch an offensive on Kozara - mountain conquered and burned villages, a large number of killings, and about 60,000 civilians in concentration camps ("cleansing" by the end of July).

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Ustashas on Kozara

June 16 - Conference at the Tjentište of the delegates of Montenegro, Boka, and Sandžak - the adopted resolution, which will be published on the radio station "Slobodna Jugoslavija" as the first such news from the country, speaks of "Draža Mihailović's betrayal".

June 19 - Zagreb Agreement between the Independent State of Croatia and "Superslode" (Gen. Mario Roatta) - the Italian army will leave the third zone (except Karlovac) and part of the second zone, where they will be replaced by Ustasha Home Guard forces; Chetnik volunteers can join the newly formed Volunteer Anti-Communist Militia.

June 19 - Session of the CPY Central Committee: it was concluded that military and political failure had been suffered in Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina due to "distortions of a sectarian nature" ("Left turns"); some removed and expelled from the party; decided to continue towards western Bosnia (order of 22 June).

June 24 - The Supreme Headquarters and a group of proletarian strike brigades move towards western Bosnia.

The offensive of proletarian and shock brigades in western Bosnia and the Bihać operation in 1942.

June 24 - King Peter II visits Washington, talks with Roosevelt and Churchill (the Second Washington Conference is underway, at which a decision is made to land in North Africa). signing a loan and lease agreement with the Yugoslav government in exile.



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