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The German Operation Autumn storm

Operation Autumn storm (Ger. HERBSTGEWITTER) was a Wehrmacht military operation against partisans in the area of Dalmatia in the fall and winter of 1943. It took place in several stages. Autumn storm I started on 23 October 1943. Autumn Storm II was conducted from 20 to 27 December 1943. After that, the operation was extended named Morgenwind ("Morning wind"). The operation "Autumn Storm" was conducted for taking the group of south dalmatian islands: Korcula, Mljet, Hvar, Brac and Solta, which defended parts of the 26th NOU division. The goal of the operation was to be taking these islands provide part of the Adriatic coast on a section of Split - Dubrovnik from possible Allied unloaded in cooperation with units of the NLA. This operation was part of the sixth enemy offensive. The goal of the operation "HERBSTGEWITTER I" was taking the Peljesac peninsula. Commanding the operation had the SS Div. "Prinz Eugen". The forces wi

Excellent animation of the Great Patriotic War

Victory in the Great Patriotic War was an act of bravery and glory of our people. However, the opinions and the interpretation of the historical facts changed since, May 9, the Victory Day, remains unchanged. Eternal Glory to the Victors! Full version with clickable events here: http: // ...

Operation "Snowstorm"

Members of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment (14th SS Regiment), 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division "Prinz Eugen", salute the graves of their comrades killed (by the  Partisans ) on Christmas Eve, near the village of Duboštica (among the fallen is the battalion adjutant, SS-Untersturmführer Hans Hanel, and soldiers Weber and Binder). Two years later, most of these men will also be lying under the ground by Christmas time. Those rare few, who were temporarily spared for trial, celebrated the holiday in captivity in the following way (a memoir of Wilhelm Ebeling, officer of the "Handschar" Division, quote from the book "Forward, Prinz Eugen!" by Otto Kumm): "A good-natured NCO is on duty this evening. We asked him for permission to sing several songs and to have the lights left on a little longer. He generously granted it. Then began our Christmas. We had no candles and no pine branches [...] We softly sang some Christmas songs [...] There were gif

The amphibious transporter PTS-M.

The PTS-M is an unarmored, tracked transport vehicle. Amphibian has a fully enclosed cab and has two hatches in its roof. A winch is mounted at the front of the cargo compartment. The large tailgate has two hinged loading ramps. The torsion bar suspension consists of six large road wheels, with the drive sprocket at the front and the idler at the rear. The engine is located in the center of the cargo compartment. The vehicle is propelled in the water by two propellers and is steered by two rudders. The most common model is the improved PTS-M that is powered by a 350 hp diesel engine. Amphibious transporter is designed for the transport of military units, artillery, and vehicles across water obstacles. With Towing floating trailer it is possible to simultaneously translate artillery and tractors. Capacity conveyor on the water is up to 10 t or 70 soldiers. The same capacity on the mainland to 3 km and over 3 km is 5 tons. Trailer load is also 5 tons and the water and on