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Children and youth in the National Liberation Struggle

The brightest, but also the bloodiest pages of the National Liberation Struggle was also written by the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ). Always in the forefront, from the first days of occupation, the Skoevci were first on the attack, the last in retreat, with their heroism and impossible feats they were always an example to others. In the National Liberation Struggle, youth accounted for 80% of the combatant composition of the People's Liberation Army units. Couriers of the 1st Battalion 17th National Liberation Shock Slavonian Brigade in Durdevac, January 1944 Developing a broad mass youth organization, they operated within the National Liberation Front, but as an autonomous organization with specific tasks. With the emergence of the youth movement and the increasing scope of tasks, the need for a unified youth organization with central leadership was created. Thus, from December 27 to 29, 1942, the United Federation of Anti-Fascist Youth o