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War Photographers and the National Liberation Struggle in Yugoslavia

In 1941, photographers went to the Partisan ranks with a camera, dying for an image or a negative, to see a fight they had never seen before. In Croatia, these include, among others, Elvira Kohn, Franjo Mosinger and Georges Skrigin. This is how George Skrigin described that day in the spring of 1942, when he, armed only with his camera, went to his first battle, in an ambush prepared for the Italians on the road between Senj and Novi Vinodolski: ... ' "I hear shouts: 'Forward, proletarians! ... shoot them! ...' I had just pointed the camera in the direction of the attack when over my head comes blaring our heavy machine gun that has taken a position a few meters behind me. It was my first action. The bullet whips over my head, for the first time I hear something like this and for the first time, I smell the gunpowder. I instinctively draw my head to the ground lower and lower, thinking: should I die in the first action and that of our bullet? " He su