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Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in January 1942

Balkan 1942 2. 1. - The German commander in Serbia, under the threat of the death penalty, forbade hiding Jews and keeping their belongings. 4. 1 - Hungarian army and gendarmerie smashed the First Zablja NOP detachment in Žablja, starting reprisals against civilians in Bačka, culminating in Novi Sad raids. Monument to victims of the Novi Sad Raid 11. 1. - The Battle of Drazgos near Škofja Loka in Slovenia ended - the partisans withdrew after they caused losses to the Germans, who thus fell down the village of Dražgoše 15. 1 - Refugee government of Yugoslavia and Greece concluded an agreement providing for their postwar confederation (Balkan Federation). 15. 1. - 7. 2. - "Second enemy offensive" in eastern Bosnia, in two stages: Roman-Bircanska and Second Ozrenska Operation; Chetniks cooperate with the German unit, the Partisans escape destruction. The second enemy offensive (from 15 January to 5 February 1942 years) 19. 1. - Draza Mihailovic promot

Zastava Machine Gun M87 Naval - 12.7x108 mm /.50 Browning

Machine gun M87 - naval version is formed by mounting of machine gun M87 to rotating the base that is placed on a bell-shaped mount. It is mounted on a vessel or vehicle by connecting the mount to the foundation with bolts. Quick and easy change of height is achieved with elevation system placed in rotating base. The design of the machine gun provides reliable function, without stoppages, in all environments. It is a gas operated weapon, with sliding block breech as the locking system. The barrel is cold forged, with a chrome plated interior, which provides long service life with unchanged ballistic characteristics. The barrel is disassembled from the machine gun quickly and easily, so in heavy duty, it is possible to cool it quickly or replace it with the spare one.  The machine gun is fed from a belt,  placed in the ammunition box with the capacity of 60 rounds. After firing, cartridge cases are ejected forward, which increases the safety of the shooter