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Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in February 1942

Ante Pavelić in Parliament 4. 2. - The officers of the British mission Hydra, including Major Terence Atherton, have landed at Petrovac. 7. 2. - Ustasha massacre in Banja Luka suburb Drakulic, Šargovac and Motike, which is a cruel way of killing 2,300 residents of Serbian nationality. The British submarine HMS Thorn which arrived mission. 12. 2. - The escape of a group of prisoners from the concentration camp at the Red Cross in Nis. February - The pro-Communist EAM in Greece forms a guerrilla ELAS (National People's Liberation Army). ustasha killing civilian in the district of Banja Luka February - Kosovo residents get Albanian citizenship. February - Petar Lekovic was firstly named the national hero (the order was established in August 1943, but Lekovic died already in June '42). 17. 2. - Bulgarian army carried out the massacre in Bojnik. Bojnik is a settlement in Serbia in the Jablanica district. 17. 2. - Colonel Bajo Stanis

The second generation of MiG 21 in the service of the Yugoslav People's Army

After the signing of the large procurement of arms in 1961 in which there were 40 fighter-interceptor MiG-21F-13 and which included a five-year procurement plan (1961-1965), Yugoslavia was expecting new procurement techniques from the Soviet Union. Consequently, permanent relations with Moscow were maintained in order to monitor the further development of the technique that was interesting to Yugoslavia. This PFM is loaded with two R-3S missiles on the underwing pylons. On the list of demands was the second generation of fighter-interceptor MiG-21 which is able to act in all weather conditions. First, the MiG-21PF variant attracted attention, but a newer version was quickly offered. After studying the variant MiG-21PF (internally designated as L-13) in June 1965, the newer MiG-21PFM was offered. The second five-year plan that was implemented in the period from 1966-1970. and called "Sutjeska", included the procurement of 36 MiG-21PFM fighter plane