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Stevan Borota Partisan commander - fight and death

Stevan Borota and Josef Majer before execution Stevan Borota (Vinkovci, November 14, 1898 - Valjevo, March 27, 1942), one of the prominent figures in Western Serbia in 1941, commander of the company of the Posavina partisan detachment. He was publicly hanged in the occupied Valjevo, March 27, 1942, on the anniversary of the March Revolution, together with his closest companion Josif Majer. Because of his role in the uprising, he was one of the main targets of Nazi propaganda in occupied Serbia. Borota entered the partisans on August 14, 1941, after he came from Belgrade, thanks to the local organization of the KPJ, into the village of Grabovac near Obrenovac, where a group of fighters of the Posavina NOP detachment was under the command of Koca Popovic. By the end of August, the fighters of the Posavina NOP detachment freed the entire area of the Posavina and Tamnava Obrežovac Posavina, except for Obrenovac, Umka, and Uba. In mid-September Posavina Nati