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Unconditional surrender of Yugoslavia in 1941 - imposed conditions of surrender

  Captured Yugoslav officers before their deportation to Germany "PROVISIONS ON THE CAPITULATION OF YUGOSLAVIA ADOPTED ON APRIL 17, 1941. FROM THE GERMAN-ITALIAN ARMED FORCE AND THE REPRESENTATIVES OF YUGOSLAVIA ” PROVISIONS ON THE ENFORCEMENT OF A PEACE BETWEEN THE GERMAN AND YUGOSLAV ARMED FORCES 1) Main provisions: By signing the armistice agreement, the Yugoslav Armed Forces has to capitulate unconditionally and be taken prisoner of war. To that end, the commanders of the units will report to the nearest German officers. 2) Organization of the evacuation of prisoners: Troops are to be collected by units where they are located. Until the surrender, the Yugoslav officers are fully responsible for discipline and order and therefore remain with their units. Soldiers who leave their units after the armistice is concluded will be sentenced to death. 3) Surrender of weapons and all war material: Weapons and war materials remain in principle with the respective units.