The sad fate of the partisan couriers

This is the saddest story of the antifascist struggle of Partisans in World War II, and if you've heard of Bosko Buha and Sirogojno, then you need to know the story about and Slavoljub Kovic partisan fighter and courier whom the Germans had carved five-pointed star on the forehead and killed him!
Slava, as he was called, was born on 21 August 1924 in Bogatić, in a poor family. He had a difficult childhood. With three years left without a father, and because of malnutrition and poor living conditions, the school has enrolled with a delay of two years.
After primary school, he enrolled in tailoring, but it was not completed because of World War II, which began at that time.
Slavoljub in 1941 joined Macva partisan detachment and there drafted bombs, repaired weapons, sewed clothes.
In addition, he worked as a courier and guard duties.

Only a few months after he joined a group of partisans in December 1941 in the Milini on the Cer Mountain was captured by the Germans. He was taken to the camp Zabran near Sabac in order to use it to find out the names of partisans and their associates
There was brutally tortured.
On Christmas Eve 1942, the Germans by a bayonet engraved the five-pointed star at the head of this little guy and so bloody photographed.
On 10 January 1942, he was executed with all the other prisoners.


  1. Serb boy. Germans killed 100 civilians for 1 death german soldier.


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