Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in May 1942

Stjepan Filipović a few moments before his death

 May 9 - Second Italian Army renamed the Main Command of Slovenia - Dalmatia (Supersloda), Commander Mario Roatta.

May 10 - The occupier announces that there are no more Jews in Belgrade (since 2015, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Belgrade).

May 10 - Operation Trio, Operation Foca: Italians capture Foca.

Fighters of the 4th Kraljevo Battalion of the First Proletarian Brigade on the road Foča - Goražde, May 1, 1942.

Operation "Foca" was a joint operation of the Wehrmacht, the Italian army, and the NDH forces against partisans and Chetniks in the area of Foca. It was held from May 5 to 12, 1942.

May 15 - June 3 - Operation Forstrat: unsuccessful German attempt to capture Draža Mihailović - goes to Montenegro.

Operation Forester was a German search operation in the Ibar Valley, in order to capture the Chetnik leader Draža Mihailović, who was then hiding with his headquarters on Mount Golija.

May 16 - Prijedor liberated.

During operations in eastern Bosnia in early 1942, German troops burned entire settlements.

May - The Slovenian Alliance is organized, a political organization of anti-communist forces in Slovenia, which formally recognizes Mihailovic.

May 22 - Stjepan Stevo Filipović hanged in Valjevo

"Partisan commissar, worker Stevo Filipović, died bravely shouting for freedom. The document on his execution surpasses all images with which history proves the presence of man even after his physical destruction. "

By the way, due to the defiant keeping of Stjepan Filipović at the execution site, the German occupation authorities soon issued an order to give up further public hanging on Serbian soil.

Rudi Čajavec (April 1, 1911 - July 2, 1942), Yugoslav pilot

May 23 - NDH pilots Franjo Kluz and Rudi Čajavec fled to the liberated territory near Prijedor.

29-30. 5. - Chetnik detachments Trebavski, Ozrenski, and Majevicki made an agreement with the NDH against the partisans.



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