Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in February 1942

Ante Pavelić in Parliament

4. 2. - The officers of the British mission Hydra, including Major Terence Atherton, have landed at Petrovac.

7. 2. - Ustasha massacre in Banja Luka suburb Drakulic, Šargovac and Motike, which is a cruel way of killing 2,300 residents of Serbian nationality.

The British submarine HMS Thorn which arrived mission.

12. 2. - The escape of a group of prisoners from the concentration camp at the Red Cross in Nis.
February - The pro-Communist EAM in Greece forms a guerrilla ELAS (National People's Liberation Army).

ustasha killing civilian in the district of Banja Luka

February - Kosovo residents get Albanian citizenship.

February - Petar Lekovic was firstly named the national hero (the order was established in August 1943, but Lekovic died already in June '42).

17. 2. - Bulgarian army carried out the massacre in Bojnik. Bojnik is a settlement in Serbia in the Jablanica district.

17. 2. - Colonel Bajo Stanisic and commander of the Italian division "Taro" achieved the first Chetnik-Italian agreement against partisans in Montenegro.

Order of National Hero

17. 2. - Vičeslav Vilder, via Radio London, accuses Archbishop Stepinac of "not giving a voice of condolences" at the time of the slaughter of Serbs.

23 - 28. 2. - First session of the Croatian National Assembly



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