LOV - Light armoured personnel carrier

In the factory "Torpedo" Rijeka in 1992 started the development of light armored vehicles LOV - 4x4, for the purpose of equipping the Croatian Armed Forces. The basic variant of the vehicle - armored carrier LOV-OP (General Supports) has been produced since 1993 and was first publicly displayed on the military parade in 1995.

As a basis for the project LOV served chassis trucks Torpedo HV 4x4 TK-130 T-7, and the use of commercial components in the structure has significantly reduced the price of development, production, and maintenance of cars.

Armored body is made by welding plates of reinforced steel, which provide protection against armored missiles 7.62 mm fired from a distance of 30 meters artillery shell fragments and anti-personnel mines. The armament consists of a machine gun Browning M2HB 12.7 mm set in the turret which provides only partial protection for the gunner. The combat kit contains a total of 250 bullets. Eight of smoke charge launchers 82 mm.


LOV-OP - basic variant armed with M2 Browning machine gun for transporting up to eight infantrymen

LOV-Z - unarmed command variant with additional radio equipment, air-conditioning, and sound insulation

LOV-IZV - reconnaissance and scout vehicle armed with a 20mm RT-20 heavy sniper rifle and a light 8-round 60mm MLRS called Obad (Hornet)

LOV-ABK - NBC warfare vehicle

LOV-RAK 24/128 mm - equipped with a 24-tube 128mm MLRS, only 2 prototypes built

LOV-UP1 - artillery observation vehicle for directing artillery fire and spotting enemy artillery positions equipped with GPS, thermal imaging, laser range finder and ground artillery radar

LOV-UP2 - artillery command vehicle

LOV-ED - electronic warfare vehicle

LOV T2 - improved variant that entered service in 1997, only a few built

Type    Armoured personnel carrier

Place of origin            Croatia


Weight            8,800 kilograms (8.7 long tons)
Length            5.89 meters (19 ft 4 in)
Width  2.36 meters (7 ft 9 in)
Height 2.10 meters (6 ft 11 in)
Crew   2 + 8
Armor 7 - 8 mm steel
Main armament
12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun
1000 rounds
Engine Torpedo BT6L 912S (diesel)
97 kW (132 hp)
Power/weight 15.0 hp/tonne
Suspension      torsion bar
Operational range 500 kilometers (310 mi)
Speed  85 kilometers per hour (53 mph) on land

LOV vehicle is developed in a hurry, with the goal of being simpler and cheaper to produce, and therefore has several major drawbacks: poor visibility from vehicles (especially with the position of Commander), weak engine and lack of amphibious characteristics.


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