Stunning images of World War II Part II

The Feldherrnhalle (Field Marshals' Hall) is a monumental loggia on the Odeonsplatz in Munich, Germany. During the Nazi era, it served as a monument commemorating the death of 16 members of the Nazi party.

American soldier with a collection of different things this is a personal treasury Hermann Goering

Kimo II Sung photographed during a speech in the southern part of Pyongyang

One in a series of destroyed cities in Germany-Mönchengladbach

A US soldier and his wife (Japanese) in Tokyo

- Jews photographed in Palestine at which three years later established country Israel

- Poland orphans in an orphanage in the UK

- Soviet troops enter Korea (North-has not yet been devided that war is imminent), which was occupied by Japan

- The Germans clean the ruins of Berlin

-Baker's coded nuclear test, the purpose of testing was the effect on warships. Were collected 73 warships as American as captives including Japanese battleship Nagato



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