Improvised War Technique - Made in War

The lack of military technology is motivated by all parties to the conflict to resort to improvisation. In this way, they create unique vehicles, hybrid combinations of written-off technique and obsolete weapons from military assistance to the fifties or trends eighties with veterans of World War II and the combination of launchers and missiles PA PB rocket ... The vehicles depicted belonged to all the warring parties during the war on ex-SFRY areas.

The TAM 110 truck has served as the basis for creating the armored vehicle on the left side. The exterior launchers are 57mm caliber and two inside 69.7mm. On the right side is processed truck has served as a platform for the AA gun 20mm, the popular "triple-barreled"
Armored OT M-60 and NRZ 57mm UB-32, from MiG 21

Truck TAM-150 with 2 missiles K-13, a military parade in Slunj 1995 - The army of the RSK
Behind the columns of soldiers, an armored car with two launchers NRZ of 69,7mm
Truck TAM with built-in 2 NRZ launchers
TAM truck, but it looks like the multi-barrel rocket launcher M-63 128mm

During the war, even these creations were not rare: Improvised armored personnel carrier, BH Army

Armored FAP 13 truck, armed with a K-13 missile, from MiG-21



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