Stunning images of World War II

General Anton Dostler tied to a stake before the execution

-Germany experimental aircraft
Hiroshima a year after the atomic bomb
Japanese man standing on the spot where it used to be his home
Jimpe Teravama, a man who survived Hiroshima although he was close to the epicenter of the explosion
One year after D-days German prisoners maintain an allied cemetery
Rudolf Hoess on the gallows, immediately before his execution, 1947. Rudolf Hoess, the commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp, is hanging next to the crematorium at the camp, 1947. For what did they actually hang him Loop is small, it can not get on the neck. Did they hang him on that thing
Photographer Red Army Jevgeni KALDEI with Russian soldiers at the Brandenburg Gate
Return of Russian soldiers to Moscow after the conquest of Berlin1945
Victory Day in Moscow! Victorious Red Army troops fling 200 captured Nazi banners at the base of the Lenin mausoleum, Red Square, incl. the standard of Hitler's SS bodyguards.



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