BTM trench digging vehicle


BTM is a special engineering machine designed for digging trenches and roads on without stones soil hardness to IV category. His task is to expedite digging trenches dimensions of up to 1.5 m depth and 1.1 m width. Depending on the soil structure and the depth of the trench, the BTM-3 can be used to deepen the ditch 270 to 810 m. in one hour. In case of an emergency, in the case of a deep ditch 40-50 cm, the BTM-3 can dig 1200-1400 meters per hour.


The trenching equipment is placed behind the cab, lowered in the working position. The total weight of the vehicle is 27.5 t, with a 227 kW (305 hp) diesel engine located under the cab, achieving a maximum speed of 36 km / h in a running position. The two-door cab is airtight, ABV  equipped with a filtering device for protection against fire. The vehicle was made suitable for the installation of the R-113 caravan but was not included in the vehicle installation. The staff also has a radiation meter and a PNV-57T night-vision monitor. Its fuel range is sufficient to reach a range of 500 km or 10 to 12 hours of groundwork.


The vehicle was serviced by the Warsaw Pact, as well as by a number of developing countries, and is still in use in some countries. The BTM-3 was also systematized by the Hungarian People's Army. At the end of the 1990s, the T-80U was replaced by a TTM-4M Tundra trench vehicle.
The backhoe's service consists of two members - a driver-operator and an assistant driver-operator.

The main components of the backhoe loader are:

- frame with bodywork
- engine
- Transmission
- tracked
- working part
- the mechanism for lifting and lowering the working device
- electrical appliance
TT characteristics of the BTM-3

The weight of the BTM excavator is 26.5 tons while the weight of the BTM-3 is 27 tons.
Backhoe loader BTM-3 buoys a depth of 1.5m, width at the top of 1.1m and at the bottom 0.5m.

The dimensions of BTM-3 in the Marsh position are:
- length 7.500m
- width 3.154m
- height 4.150m

Dimensions in the working position are:

- length 11,000m
- width 3.154m
- height 2.870m

The working speed at 1400 rpm/min of the crankshaft is:

- I speed ... 265 m / hour
- II speed ... 270 m / hour
- III speed ........... 800 m / hour
- IV speed .......... 1120 m / hour (only for digging up to 0.9m depth)
- V speed (not used for digging but only for moving the vehicle)




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