The amphibious transporter PTS-M.

The PTS-M is an unarmored, tracked transport vehicle. Amphibian has a fully enclosed cab and has two hatches in its roof. A winch is mounted at the front of the cargo compartment. The large tailgate has two hinged loading ramps. The torsion bar suspension consists of six large road wheels, with the drive sprocket at the front and the idler at the rear. The engine is located in the center of the cargo compartment. The vehicle is propelled in the water by two propellers and is steered by two rudders. The most common model is the improved PTS-M that is powered by a 350 hp diesel engine.

Amphibious transporter is designed for the transport of military units, artillery, and vehicles across water obstacles. With Towing floating trailer it is possible to simultaneously translate artillery and tractors. Capacity conveyor on the water is up to 10 t or 70 soldiers. The same capacity on the mainland to 3 km and over 3 km is 5 tons. Trailer load is also 5 tons and the water and on land up to 3 km.

The crew consists of commander transporter and the driver. The commander is also the radio operator R-113th

The amphibious transporter PTS-M is designed so that its loading and unloading do not need any special equipment or coastwise devices. Loading and unloading are made through the gate at the rear of the conveyor at the distance up to 3 km of the water hazard.

Changing the regime of movement from the earth to water and vice versa is done by means of special commands.

The amphibious transporter with the help of special equipment can be used for navigation at sea
Technical data

Weight: 17.0 t
Load capacity: land 5.0 t, water 10.0 t (i.e. 152-mm howitzer or URAL-4320 truck)
Length: 12.00 m
Width: 3.17 m
Height: 3.30 m
Powerplant: W-54T diesel engine, 256 hp
Maximum Speed: land 42 kph, water 12 kph
Range: land 380 km, water 12 hours




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