In 1946 Yugoslav War Air Force shot down an American plane

In the summer of 1946, above Bled in Slovenia, the aircraft of the Yugoslav Army were forced landed an American plane. Then, on 19 August one shot down. German prisoners of war who worked around the Slovenian resorts have thought that the war broke out between the United States and FNRJ because the action did not appear by accident. US military authorities, after the war, turned a blind eye state territory of Yugoslavia, Tito had ordered the US aircraft called the descent to some of the closest airports, and if they refuse - to open fire.

The first plane has agreed to land at the airport only after it was riddled with a machine gun and wounding a Turkish military diplomat, and the other plane, with four pilots, were shot down. "Daily News" was then required, in retaliation, dropping the atomic bomb on the Belgrade. US Secretary of State Burns called Kardelj, who was then in Paris at the peace conference, and strongly threatening him.

The US government issued the ultimatum of 48 hours, seeking compensation for the damage caused, threatening to end diplomatic relations. Yugoslav leadership, after deliberation, adopted, and the US Air Force, after these events, bypassed the territory of Yugoslavia.
An original article in Australian newspaper "The Sydney Morning Herald" of 23 August 1946, gives us an insight into the Western version of the story, claiming that the aircraft was a passenger, while the army of Yugoslavia claimed that it came to military trucks, which proving and photos.



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