Zastava M-70 or "The gypsy"

M-70 AB is the most widely used assault rifle, also one of the last Zastava rifles manufactured in Yugoslavia. It is derived from the Soviet Kalashnikov AK-47. Today there are many copies. One of the most famous is Serbian, because of improvements that have been incorporated into it. Produced in Kragujevac, as a variant of known rifle Kalashnikov AK-47. It is known as the "The gypsy". Uses ammunition 7,62x39 mm.

This is the semi-automatic civilian version of the Yugoslavian Zastava M70AB2, built by Century Arms International.

The M70s also have a grenade-launching sight and gas cut-off on the gas block and are capable of launching rifle grenades. To launch them a 22 mm diameter grenade launching adapter is screwed on in place of the slant brake or another muzzle device.

Iraqi Police officer holds a Zastava M70 AB2.

The best results are achieved when targeting of live force. Individual fire on the ground precision is up to 400 m, and 500 m in the air. The short bursts precision it is up to 300 m, a burst of about 200 m. Combat rate of fire is 120 rounds per minute. Mode of fire can be burst and individually.
Combat kit is 150 the bullets. On the rifle can be placed rifle grenade attachment, to fire all types of rifle grenades, and can be set adapter pitcher grenades, so they can fire.

A member of the Serb Volunteer Guard with an M70AB2 during the Yugoslav Wars.

Its advantage over the original AK-47 is that it is conducted according to strict of tolerance deviations of clearances. The service life of a rifle is 10 000 the bullets. It should be noted that the Crvena Zastava allow the licensed production of M70 in Iraq called Tabuk. The only difference Tabuk and Zastava M70 is that Tabuk has a hard chrome tube and M70 does.

Zastava M70 rifle with grenade sights raised.


M70 – milled receiver, fixed stock
M70 A – milled receiver, under folding stock
M70 A1 – milled receiver, under folding stock, mount for night or optical sights
M70 B1 – stamped receiver, fixed stock
M70 AB2 – stamped receiver, under folding stock
M70 B1N – stamped receiver, fixed stock, mount for night or optical sights
M70 AB2N – stamped receiver, under folding stock, mount for night or optical sights
M70 AB3 – stamped receiver, under folding stock, rifle grenade sight removed and replaced with a BGP 40 mm under-slung grenade launcher
M70 B3 – stamped receiver, fixed stock, rifle grenade sight removed and replaced with a BGP 40 mm under-slung grenade launcher
M92 – carbine, the shorter variant of the M70AB2
PAP M70 – semi-automatic variant intended for the civilian market
Tabuk Sniper Rifle - Iraqi long barrel stamped receiver and fixed stock variant

Croatian and US soldiers training with the M70 in 2013.


Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
weight: 4040 g
bullet weight (grains): 8 g
tank capacity: 30 rounds
weight capacity: 850 g
Length: 960 mm
tube length: 415 mm
speed firing a grain: 725 m / s
the maximum range of grain: 2800m (angle 30 degrees).
effective range: 400 m
max. a number of fired bullets in minutes: 650 met./min.
possible installation of the drum capacity of 75 the bullets and daily (ON-M89) and night (PN 5x80) Optical sight

Complete set:

Assault rifle M70 B1
4 spare magazines
Blank ammunition attachment
Rifle grenade
Handling and maintenance manuals



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