AK-100 Naval gun

AK-100 is a Soviet automatic naval gun caliber 100 mm is designed to engage targets at sea, on land, and in the air, including low-flying missile. It was developed in the 1970's as a more capable alternative to the 76mm AK-726 twin gun mount. Production has switched to the more capable A-190 naval gun turret. The A-190 is a further development of the AK-100 with a higher rate of fire.
The Russian fleet has 58 of these weapons, mounted on 33 ships - class Admiral Goršakov (ex Baku), Admiral Ushakov (ex-Kirov), Udaloj, Rjezivij.

The AK-100 is a single barrel gun mount with a 100mm L/70 monobloc A-214 cannon. The high rate of fire is achieved by water cooling for the A-214 cannon and an automatic loading system. The large steel turret holds two ammunitions drums with a total of 174 rounds. The AK-100 is used in conjunction with the MR-114 or MR-145 fire control radar. Alternatively, there is the remote optronic analog control system and the Kondensor-214A sight on the mount itself.

The Naval gun AK-100 is a part of artillery systems of the AK-100-MR-114 and AK-100-MR-145th Fire control system MR-145 consists of radar, TV camera, laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and subsystems for stabilization. Allows fact in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode. The maximum detection range target tracking radars are 75 km. Mass SUV is 8000 kg.

The main user of the  AK-100 naval gun turret was the Soviet navy. Nowadays it remains in service with Russia, India and Vietnam. The AK-100 was fitted to the following classes of ships:
- Project 1155 Fregat (Udaloy) class destroyer
- Project 1144 Orlan (Kirov) class battlecruisers, lead ship only
- Project 1154 Yastreb (Neustrashimy) class frigates - Project 1135m Burevestnik M (Krivak II) class
- Project 1135.1 Nerei (Krivak III) class
- Delhi class destroyer
- KBO 2000 class corvette

Specifications of

Caliber: 100 mm
Number of tubes: 1
Barrel length: L 59
Cooling pipes: water
Field of action in elevation: -10 ° to + 85 °
Field of action in the direction of +/- 180 °
Rate of fire: 60 rds / min
Maximum range: 21.5 km
Initial velocity missiles: 880 m / s
The mass of bullets: 26.8 kg
Weighs 15.6 kg
Ammunition capacity: 320 rounds
Staff: 5-6
The weight of the system: 45.5 t





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