Long range rifle M-93 - Black Arrow

Long range rifle M93 is designed on the basis of Mauser mechanism M98, as proven accurate and reliable bolt-action system. It is aimed at eliminating the different types of targets at large distances, up to 1800 m and in all weather and field conditions.

In 1991Work has started on this project in the factory of arms "Zastava". After numerous tests rifle was introduced in 1998 and soon after had has the opportunity to show on the field. Black arrows were used during the conflict in Kosovo and Macedonia.

Heavy barrel, made by cold forging, inside chrome, provides high accuracy on large distances. Longitudinal grooves on the outside of the barrel accelerate the cooling tube and ensures accuracy in harsh regimes of exploitation.

In addition to the optical sight, the rifle has overlapping iron sights to aim at distances up to 400 m.
Muzzle brake significantly reduced (by 62%) recoil of weapons and makes it easier to the shooting. Lining tube and butt are made of polymers, glass-fiber reinforced. In the stock are mounted shock absorbers, which reduce the effect of recoil force to the shooter.Bipod can be adapted to different layouts.

Complete set:

Long range rifle M93
Optical sight
Carrying case/ holster
Bag for spare tools and accessories
Ammunition bag
Ear protection
Handling and maintenance manuals





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