Yugoslav People's Army ground forces Part II

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Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) had about 180,000 active members, of which 100,000 recruits, and were able to mobilize more than a million reservists.

M-84 was the most modern and the only mass-produced tank in SFR Yugoslavia.

Tank brigades with a total of more than a thousand tanks consisted of two or three battalions. Numerically dominated the Soviet T-54 and T-55, 70 T-72 and about 300 domestic M-84th The reserves were about 47 ("Patton") of US M- and veterans of World War II, the Soviet T-34/85 and US "Sherman". In addition to the tanks, the JNA had at its disposal a huge number of armored vehicles.

M4 Sherman was a program to help SFR Yugoslavia arrived in large quantities, starting from 1951. 

According to the Yugoslav constitution of 1974 Army was divided into six military districts into five republics:

First Army (Belgrade) - north of SR Serbia and SAP Vojvodina
Second Army (Nis) - South SR Serbia and SAP Kosovo
Third Army (Skopje) - SR Macedonia
Fifth Army (Zagreb) - SR Croatia
Seventh Army (Sarajevo) - the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ninth Army (Ljubljana) - SR Slovenia

T-34 was the longest used JNA tank.

The armed forces of Yugoslavia within the Land Forces - were: genera of the army, infantry, armor, artillery, artillery and missile units (EIA), communication and nuclear-biological-chemical defense.
Artillery regiments were equipped with Soviet (about a thousand), American (700) and the domestic large-caliber weaponry. In artillery and rocket systems are YMRL-32 and M-63, four launchers for Soviet Rockets ground-ground FROG-7 range of 100 kilometers; a total of a little less than a thousand pieces. Self-propelled artillery possessed with 700 weapons. To this should be added large quantities of anti-tank weapons and resources.

M18 one of the fastest tanks hunter remained in the JNA until the end of an army.

Many JNA units disposed of are a large number of anti-aircraft (PVO) equipment; it was estimated that the anti-aircraft artillery weapons total was more than 5,000. Ground units included four rocket regiment surface-to-air and 11 artillery regiments PVO. Rocket PVO regiments were equipped with a large number of Soviet missiles SA-6, SA-7, SA-9, SA-13, SA-14, SA-16s.

Coast artillery and possessed guns and missiles surface-to-earth, the Soviet SS-C-3 and on trucks mounted Yugoslav "bromine" antiship missiles (local variant of the Soviet SS-N-2). Coast artillery encompassed more than 400 guns 88 mm, 122 mm, 130 mm and 152 mm of Soviet, American, German (post-war) and Yugoslav production.






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