Machine Gun M 84

M84 is designed for use in infantry units and is characterized by excellent precision on large distances, a tripod ensures easy adaptation to different field conditions.
It is a gas operated weapon, with a rotating bolt as the locking system

The tube is manufactured in cold forging, and the interior tube is chrome plated, which guarantees its durability and stable ballistic characteristics. In extreme regimes use, for cooling, the tube can be quickly and easily disassembled and replaced with a spare.

Regulator powder gases provides reliable operation in all weather and field conditions.
Flash hider placed on the muzzle disperses gun powder gas and reduces the flash, thus masking the position of the weapon.

Charging the machine guns carried out from belts placed the ammunition box with a capacity of 100 and 250 bullets.

The M84 is a direct copy of the Soviet PK machine gun, the sole difference being in stock, which is not hollowed like on the original and is made out of a different wood type.
The light machine gun is fed from the belt placed in the ammunition box, with the capacity of 100 and 250 cartridges. 

Machine gun M84 without tripod - light machine gun M84

M-84 is massively useful in all the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, where it was nicknamed as "The sower of death".

Composition of the set:

Bandolier of bullets 250
Box 250 bandolier of bullets
Bandolier of bullets 100
Box 100 bandolier of bullets
boosters of twitches
spare parts
Instructions for operation and maintenance
Remnick to the stand
Remnick for the connection ammunition box with stand
Packing case




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