Končar-class missile boat

In the early seventies in Yugoslavia began development of missile gunboats type 401 (project "Vrbas"). The first ship in the class was launched on 15 October 1976.

After the ceremony approached the final furnishing and acceptance test of ship systems and ship as a whole. Assays were terminated by driving durability and the handed JRM vessel. Ceremony lifting naval flags and the introduction of the ship to send a truck list executed on 14 February 1977 in the Lora Naval Base.

RTOP-405 in service with the Montenegrin Navy photographed in 2015.

Following the introduction of the ship in a fleet list, the ship was subjected to prototype tests, which lasted until April 1979. During this time the ship has traveled over 16,000 miles. Shooting was Effected a rocket missile P-20 and more artillery fire.

Missile ship class 401 was the first warship, completely designed and built in our country, on whose completion was hired over 1,500 subcontractors.

In the period from 1978 to 1983, the shipyard, was built in 5 rocket gunboat type 401, of registry designation 401-406.

Šibenik (left) photographed in the Lora Naval Base alongside two Kralj-class missile boats, Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (RTOP-12) (center) and Kralj Petar Krešimir IV (RTOP-11) (right)

The hull was made of shipbuilding steel of 3 to 12 mm, and forms semidisplacement was divided into 11 watertight box. The ship is supposed to keep the buoyancy in the event of flooding of any two adjacent rooms.

Aft section of Šibenik. Two RBS-15 launchers and the AK-630 CIWS are visible.

The driveline CODAG ship type and consists of two gas turbines "Proteus" power 3310 kW and by two diesel engines MTU 20V 538 TB92 after power 2648 kW. It has four drive axles. Diesel engines are the main drive and are used for navigation in normal conditions (regime cruises), while the gas turbine designed to achieve higher speeds required in the fight. With run only on diesel engines ship achieves a top speed of 25 knots, just with gas turbines 28 knots, while the maximum speed (CODAG) 40 knots.

According to the original project, the ship was supposed to carry the four French missile MM-38 Exocet, but the decision was changed, and then was elected as a new variant of the Russian missiles Stix SS-N-2B / C.

Rocket launchers weapons consists of two launchers for missile P-20 (SS-N-2 Styx), two universal ship cannon Bofors Mk.1 (SAK L / 70) 57 mm launcher chaff and flare dispensers "Barricade" and four double pipe flare launcher rocket "Firefly" 128 mm. After modernization RTOPO 401was aft cannon replaced the cannon 30mm AK-630M.

missile boat RTOP-21 Sibenik (Croatian War Navy)

Tactical technical characteristics
The dimensions of the ship:
- overall length 44.99 m
- width 7.86 m
- Draft 1.84 m (Bow) / 2.9 m (Stern)
Propulsion 237.6 t (standard) / t 250 (solid)
The driveline CODAG
Speed 22 knots (economic) / 40 knots (maximum)
The sailing 780 miles economic speed
Crew 30 members





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