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The Battle of the Prozor in 1943.

Column of Partizan in Prozor. The Battle of the Prozor was one of the significant battles of the Fourth Enemy Offensive. The battles for Prozor were fought on February 15 and 16, 1943, after which the Yugoslav partisans managed to briefly liberate the city from the Italians.   This attack by the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia on Prozor was remembered for Tito's order "The Prozor must fall tonight!" After the end of the Fourth and Fifth enemy offensives,  Prozor briefly fell into the hands of the partisans again in August 1943. The attack on Prozor took place as part of the planned operation of the Main Operational Group of the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia to penetrate the east and in a wider part of the operational unit known in historical fiction as the Battle of the Neretva or the Fourth Enemy Offensive.  General Pekić, Fraković, Colonel Boban, next to the armored car of the Black Legion, Prozora area, March 1943. Conflicting parties   Prozor