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Letter from Jasenovac

Communist activist Ivica Sabljak was detained in the Stara Gradiška detention camp in order to find out about this terrifying information, who smuggled a message that reached his family, and later to the partisans, at the double bottom of the jam jar. The packages were banned in the concentration camp, the bread would be sliced, and jars with marmalade were opened. Maja Kacan, the curator of the Spomen-Jasenovac area and the author of the exhibition emphasized that this testimony, this letter belongs to the rarely preserved documentation of Ustasha death camps because most of them were destroyed by administrations during a panic escape from the same ends of the Second World War. The prisoner of Stara Gradiška camp was Ivica Sabljak, communist, activist, during 1944, the smugglers of the letter Katica Bukovac, who delivered them to the Zagreb Camp Committee for help to camps. These letters, actually these messages written on pieces of paper, today, apart from the natural