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Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in March 1942

  Dido Kvaternik, Jure Francetic, and Mladen Lorković on the bridge on the Drina in Zvornik after the operation. March - The battles for Eastern Bosnia is underway.   The battles for Eastern Bosnia in 1942 were complex political and armed struggles of stakeholders for supremacy in the territory of Eastern Bosnia waged during the first few months of 1942. Parade of members of the Serbian State Guard in front of the Assembly building 3. 3. - In Serbia, founded quisling Serbian State Guard. The Serbian State Guard (German: Serbische Staatsgarde, known as Nedićevci) was a quisling formation in occupied Serbia, founded on March 3, 1942. March 5 - The Executive Committee of the Comintern criticizes the tactics of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia ("left turns"), e.g. the establishment of proletarian brigades. Deputy Warden of the Banjica camp, Djordje Kosmajac (center) with the Germans in occupied Belgrade. March 6 – Yugoslav Partisans, operating in Nazi-occupied Serbia,