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Escape of 1st Proletarian Brigade from German encirclement known as Igman march

The breakthrough of the 1st Proletarian Brigade, led by Koca Popovic, through the German encirclement is known as The Igman March. This breakthrough was made at the night of 27th January 1942 via the Sarajevo Field and Igman Mountain. The German and Ustasha forces have launched an operation called „Southern Croatia“ in Eastern Bosnia in mid-January 1942. Operation „Southern Croatia“ had an objective to surround and destroy the 1st Proletarian Brigade. The Germans have engaged the following forces: 342nd and 718th  Infantry Division, 1st Battalion of the 714th Infantry Division, 7th Ustasha Domobran's battalion, six howitzer batteries, two Pioneer detachments, and two reconnaissance squadrons. On the other side, the Partisan unit was comprised of the 1st Proletarian Brigade, Romanija detachment, Ozren detachment, and Zvijezda detachment. At the beginning of the operation, the Germans have realized their plan with fast maneuvers. They managed to encircle the Pa