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Partisan hospital in the National Liberation War 1941 - 1945

The Partisan ambulance service began to develop in parallel with the formation of rebel units and partisan detachments. It was created based on preparations made between April and early July 1941, led by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. The health service is established in partisan detachments, depending on the task of the unit, material capabilities, and primarily on personnel. With the development of the medical service, but also with the liberation of the territory, the first partisan hospitals were created. The smaller territorial hospitals that operated separately from one another connected with the formation of partisan military hospitals at the end of 1942. The first surgical team was formed in September 1942, and a pharmaceutical service began to be created early. In the liberated areas, special civilian health services were organized, which were closely linked to the unit medical service and territorial hospitals. In 1943, the ZAVNOH (The State Anti-fascist Counc