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Battle of Sutjeska statistics

The 2nd Proletarian Division in Bosnia on the eve of the battle of Sutjeska, May 1943. The occupier, known as the "Fifth Enemy Offensive" or the Battle of Sutjeska, introduced about 127,000 soldiers (67,000 Germans, 43,000 Italians, 2,000 Bulgarians and 15,000 domestic servicemen) with the support of 170 planes, 8 artillery regiments and a large number tanks - against the Main Operating Group of about 22,000 partisans. Or: six to one, which according to military standards, is twice as much that it is necessary for the absolute combat success of the attackers. The Main Operational Group managed to break out of the environment with huge losses of 7,543 dead soldiers, including 597 Partisans women, which is an unforgettable example of losing women combatants in the history of wars. Most of the fighters were from Croatia - 8,925, of which from Dalmatia - 5,195; from Bosnia and Herzegovina - 8,293; from Montenegro - 3,337; from Serbia - 1492; from Macedonia - 21;

10 brave deaths during the National Liberation War Yugoslavia

In times of war and revolution comes to strange reversal, when brave and noble qualities appear. Therefore, the second world war does not cease to fascinate me examples of unimaginable courage and contempt for death. These are examples of crazy brave deaths that I managed to collect. Please leave a comment if you know another example. Executions of youth in Bečej Executions 12 SKOJ members (communist youth) in Bečej on 11 November 1941 by Hungarian fascists. The guy holding the raised fist is Milan Gavrić, a member of the SKOJ (Communist Youth). According to another interpretation, the fist is held by Labud Pejovic, the secretary of the District Committee of SKOJ. A moment after this painting was recorded, Pejovic stood up and cried: " lived The Communist Party of Yugoslavia - Death to Fascism!" He was immediately shot. Stjepan Filipović The legendary photo that is now at the United Nations headquarters, and became a symbol of resi