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Yugoslavia was in a difficult situation at the end of WWII. The country was destroyed, devastated and robbed. Post-war reconstruction of the country implemented slowly because of the conflict between Tito and Stalin that took place in 1948.Another  reason was  the deterioration in relations between East and West. Therefore Yugoslavian leadership realized that Yugoslavia would be the most affected in the case of biginning WWII. So, Tito and his General staff had to find a safe place for the headquarters in case of nuclear war. Tito and his General staff  decided to build a shelter in Bosnia. Bosnia was chosen because of its geostrategic position, situated in the center of Yugoslavia and it's high mountains. The  object with code name „Object D 0 ARC“ (Army Reserve Command) was built near the town Konjic on a right bank of the Neretva River below mountain Zlatar. The Object D 0 was build from March 1953 to November 1979. Around 4.6 bilion US Dollars were spe