The 717th Jäger Division War Report

Division movement plan on January 16, 1943



K.T.B – War diary

Gren.Rgt - grenadier regiment

I./737 – Number of the Company

Gr.W - Granatwerfer (GrW) – mortar.

Sso - south-southeast

K.T.B. 16.1.

Gren.Rgt.749's advance was made more difficult by road conditions.

I./749 minor enemy contact near Grbavci. (village near Bosanska Gradiska, West Bosnia)

Casualties: 1 killed, 1 wounded.


K.T.B. 17.1.

Before the one advancing west from Banja Luka

I./737 evades opponents to the SW (South-West); III./737 is at point.

153 (11.5 Prijedor) also with Gr.W. attacked and

has losses. II./737 is transported from Prijedor on the E

brought up and placed to the left of III./737. Before

the east-west. the Sana proceeding to 5 sso (south-southeast) Prijedor

II./749 avoids enemies to the SW.

Order on the composition of the department.

Casualties: 1 killed, 5 wounded.


K.T.B. 18.1.


March group Gren.Rgt.749 reached the front unhindered.

See daily destinations: II./749 Mitrovici, I./749 Koprina,

III./749 and Rgts. Staff Sanski Most.

I./737 reached Debeljak and pushed back the enemy

:(7 enemy deaths). II./737 has the opponent's draw from

III./737 near Hadzimehtic - southern part.

In view of the fact that the troops have partially confirmed

reported enemy reports (presence of 3 brigades

/1500 men/ in the Slivno green area /18 sw Banja Luka/

Mitrovici /12 s Prijedor/) receives Gren.Rgt.737 and

749 (with 1 Batl.) command from their current positions, the mountainous terrain to the east. Sanski Most and so on

To clean up Prijedor.


The one that arrived in the area around Prijedor (southwestern part).

2nd Croatian Gebirgs brigade receives orders west of the Sana

on Sanski Most with Batl. to advance via Mariani.


Casualties: 1 killed, 14 wounded.


see appendix




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Source: - 117. jager division (117. Jäger Division), T315 roll 2263



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