Daily report from the Yugoslav battlefield for 19 Januar , 1941 – 45

King Peter II in conversation with Ivo Šubašić,


-          The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy, Benito Mussolini, issued a decree regulating the relations between the military and civilian authorities in the annexed territory of Yugoslavia, which entrusts the defense of public order to the military authorities.

Advisory council of the High Commissioner's office from the province of Ljubljana and Benito Mussolini

-          The Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the General Staff of the National Liberation Movement for BiH sent a proclamation to the people on the occasion of the open betrayal of the Chetniks in eastern Bosnia: they explain in detail the goals and motives of the betrayal of the Chetnik leadership; call on the fighters of the Chetnik units to join the National Liberation Movement detachment and continue the liberation struggle together with the partisans; they pay tribute to the partisans of eastern Bosnia and call on them to work even harder in the relentless fight against the fascist occupiers and Ustasha bandits.

-          In the village of Kraljski Bare (near Kolasin), stronger Chetnik forces surrounded two companies of the Kom National Liberation Movement Detachment (about 140 fighters), which were at the shelter without the necessary security, and attacked them at dawn and inflicted heavy losses. On that occasion, the Chetniks killed 33, wounded 15, and captured almost all other partisans. In that fight, one of the organizers of the people's uprising in the Kolasin district, Vukman Kruscic, the secretary of the CPY for Kolasin, a national hero, was killed.

Meeting of Chetniks and Ustashas at the Hotel Bosna

-          Near the village of Svinjice (near Kostajnica), parts of the Banija detachment attacked an enemy patrol of 30 Ustashas and 8 gendarmes, inflicted losses of 2 dead and 8 wounded, and forced it to withdraw.

-          A meeting of the commander of the Hungarian 5th (Szeged) Army was held in Szeged with subordinate officers in order to expand the revenge (so-called raids) on Serbs and Jews in Novi Sad, Srbobran, and Stari Becej


- The Deputy Chief of Staff of the People's Liberation Army informed the Supreme Commander about the concentration of strong enemy forces around Karlovac and Gracac and their preparations for undertaking offensive operations in the free territory of Banija, Kordun, and Lika.

Cropped map describing the First Phase of the Fourth Enemy Offensive and Partisan Counter-Offensive (20 January to 25 February 1943), focused on the main area of operations

- In the village of Kalisham (near Kamnik), the German 3rd Gendarmerie Reserve Motorized Company. -Alpenland- attacked the Kamnik Battalion 4 (Styrian) operational zone of the Slovenian National Liberation Army. After a five-hour battle, the battalion retreated in the direction of the Tuhinj Valley, suffering losses of 22 dead and 18 captured (mostly unarmed newly mobilized fighters).


- By the decision of the General Staff of the National Liberation Movement of Yugoslavia, the 10th Corps of the National Liberation Movement of Yugoslavia was formed from the 32nd and 33rd Divisions and the Western Group of the NOP Detachment. The operational area of this corps covered the territories of the former 2nd operational zone of the National Liberation War of Croatia (except Žumberak and Pokuplje), which was formed. 10. Corps abolished.

-          The headquarters of the Navy National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia sent a report to the Supreme Headquarters regarding the defense of the island of Vis. He points out that two solutions are possible: either persistently defend the island with sufficient forces (about 3 brigades) or leave it as soon as possible, because leaving fewer forces would mean the greatest danger; the island is getting better every day, and the morale of the units is good. Finally, he begs him to make a final decision and orders the island to be defended by three brigades.

Partisan Units on island VIs 1944

-          At the position of the village Avdiči - G. Orahovica (near Gračanica) the Home Guard 6th Infantry Regiment attacked the 3rd Vojvodina Strike Brigade, 16th Strike Division, but after a one-day battle was repulsed towards Gračanica with losses: about 134 dead, many wounded and 38 captured. Losses of the 3rd Brigade: 11 dead and 37 wounded fighters.

-          In the village of Rogami, about 150 Chetniks with German soldiers, supported by artillery, attacked parts of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Montenegrin Strike Brigade, 3rd Strike Division. In the beginning, the enemy had some success, then it was repulsed in Podgorica (now Titograd) with a counterattack.

-          Near the villages of Brloga and Žute Lokve, the forces of the German 114th Hunting Division overcame the resistance of the 3rd Brigade, 13th Division, and captured Senj.

-          The 2nd Battalion, 738th Regiment, German 118th Jager Division landed on the island of Hvar. Units of the 26th Division, 8th Corps withdrew from the island of Hvar to Fr. Vis.


-  King Peter II Karadjordjevic received a government delegation (led by Prime Minister Ivan Subasic). The delegation demanded that the king clearly answer whether he accepted the regency or not. As a condition for the recognition of the Tito-Šubašić agreement, the king demanded the right to elect deputies himself and for the emigrant civic groups in London to choose their own representatives for the future National Assembly.

- Parts of the 53rd Strike Division, 5th Strike Corps repulsed the attack of about 600 Ustashas from Kotor-Varoš towards the villages of Podbrđe and Bilice, inflicting losses of 13 dead and 15 wounded, with their own losses of 2 dead and 20 wounded.

 - In the village of Trnovo (on the mountain Trnovski gozd), the 19th Slovenian Brigade - Srecko Kosovel - 30th Division attacked the Italian fascist battalion - Fulmine - with a strength of about 250 soldiers deployed in 12 well-arranged fortifications. In the three-day battle, 203 Italian fascists were killed, while the rest of the 46 soldiers, the last stronghold, were drawn to Gorica by a strong German tank column, which broke through the positions of the 3rd Slovenian Strike Brigade - Ivan Gradnik - 31st Division on the line St. Daniel - St. Gabriel.

In the Pec area, while clearing the terrain, parts of the 4th Kosovo-Metohija Brigade killed one and captured five ballists.




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