Improvised War Technique - Made in War Part II

The lack of military technology is motivated by all parties to the conflict to resort to improvisation. In this way, they create unique vehicles, hybrid combinations of written-off technique and obsolete weapons from military assistance to the fifties or trends eighties with veterans of World War II and the combination of launchers and missiles PA PB rocket ... The vehicles depicted belonged to all the warring parties during the war on ex-SFRY areas.

An interesting combination of the dome tanks M-18 Hellcat, with 76mm cannon and T-55 armored body that appeared in Bosnia during the war. Modification of the alleged carried out by Serbian forces but was later captured by Bosnian Army

Improvised armored vehicle Bilecka Light Brigade, popularly '' Panther ''
improvised armored vehicles incurred during the war in 1991.
It was called the Krajina rocket system. A strange combination of anti-aircraft missile launchers of the Dvina (SA-2) and PB missile P-15 (Styx-2), without combat capabilities. Shown at the Vidovdan parade in Slunj
OT M-60 armored transporter and NRŽ 57mm UB-32 launcher, removed from the mig 21
The armored body of the T-55 is mounted AA gun of 37mm - M-37th
Truck TAM-150 converted into an armored personnel carrier.
One of the most interesting war improvisations. From trucks in which launchers were mounted, classical air bombs of 100 and 250kg were fired, with the help of mounted rocket motors from other missiles. Usually, 4 rocket launchers K-13 and a FAB-250 bomb or an NRZ 127mm and FAB-100 rocket engine are usually combined. Such tools are today also offered by Yugoimport SDPR, an official arms sales company from Serbia. In Bosnia, these tools had the names Ozren and Kosava.


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  2. Thank you very much ;) we trying to show the rest of world our WW2 history


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