Battle of Sutjeska in numbers

Map of Case Black superimposed on modern-day country borders (entity borders did not exist in 1943).

Germans and allies in this operation, known as the "Fifth Enemy Offensive" or the Battle of Sutjeska, introduced about 127,000 soldiers (67,000 Germans, 43,000 Italians, 2,000 Bulgarians, and about 15,000 domestic servicemen) with the support of 170 planes, 8 artillery regiments and large number of tanks - against the Main Operational Group strengths about 22,000 partisans. Or: six to one, which according to military standards, is twice as much that it is necessary for the absolute combat success of the attackers.

Partisan column during the Battle of the Sutjeska

The Main Operational Group managed to break out of the environment with huge losses of 7,543 dead soldiers, including 597 Partisans, which is an unspoken example of the loss of women fighters in the history of wars.

Most of the fighters from Croatia - 8,925, of which from Dalmatia - 5,195; from Bosnia and Herzegovina - 8,293; from Montenegro - 3,337; from Serbia - 1492; from Macedonia - 21; from Slovenia - 19; from abroad - 38.

Partisan commander Josip Broz Tito and Ivan Ribar during the Battle of the Sutjeska.

There were 1,316 fighters from Šibenik, 787 were killed; from Split - 1,091, killed - 688; from Glina - 886, died - 599; from Livno - 622, killed - 289; from Niksic - 571, killed - 190; from Knin - 568, killed - 334; from Dvor na Uni - 560, killed - 267; from Drvar - 550, 203 Partisan fighters were killed

More than 67 percent were under the age of 25 (14,215 fighters), while 48 percent of the fighters belonged to the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY) (6,610) or the Alliance of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) (4,065)

The Germans killed the wounded and weak partisans on Sutjeska.

Battle of Sutjeska has inflicted great losses Partisan units:

1st Division: 5041 combatants total 1514 dead or 30.03%
2nd division: 8106 combatants total 2605 dead, or 32.14% (counting units under its command on June 10)
3rd Division: 4664 combatants total 1554 dead, or 33.32% (counting 3rd battalion of the 10th Herzegovina brigade)
7th Division: 2547 combatants total.1349 dead, or 52.96%



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