Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in November 1941

Kadinjaca monument

Beginning in November - The Yugoslav Government in exile renamed the Chetnik Detachment Command into the Yugoslav Army's Homeland Army (JVuO)

1. 11. - Partizani refuted the Chetnik attack in the Uzice and Požega area.

2. 11. - Chetniks Draže Mihailović (DM) attacked Uzice (fights on Trešnjica), also Ivanjica.

5. 11. - About 300 intellectuals in Belgrade, allegedly communists, masons and anglofil were arrested, and sent to Banjica.

Fighters Takovo Battalion Čačak partisan detachments on the road to Uzice, autumn in 1941.

8. 11. - The Communist Party of Albania, under the auspices of the KPJ (Miladin Popović and Dušan Mugoša), was formed.

9. 11. - In the vicinity of Visegrad Chetniks burned several Muslim villages.

10.11. - Another German attack from Leskovac to Lebane was also rejected.

11. 11. - In Ufa, the USSR, the "Slobodna Jugoslavija" radio station started operating.

11. 11. - Collaboration: Chetnik detachments of eastern Bosnia in Visegrad signed an agreement with the Italians on non-aggression and the fight against partisans.

Germans taken to the execution troop of partisans who were Chetniks tricked captured and handed over to the Germans, in 1941.

11. 11. - Draza Mihailovic's meeting with German representative - Germans consider Draza as enemies, but he wants a fight against Communists and not Germans.

14 November - Chetniks handed over captured Partisans to Germans in Slovci.

22. 11. - Banja Luka Muslims condemn crimes against Serbs and Jews (allegedly Ustasha wearing fezzes, to turn hatred to Muslims).

24. 11. - Preparations for the rebellion of the 15th Infantry Home Guard Regiment in Pale were uncovered, 18 guards sentenced to death.

We, mothers, women and sisters, are demanding the termination of the fratricidal struggle... Čačak, November 1941.

25. 11. - German offensive on the Uzice Republic started - the attack of 342 and parts of the 704th Infantry Division (German), Chetniks, Nedievs and Ljotic through Ljubovija and Kosjeric in the direction of Uzice. On the same day, the partisans from the vicinity of Kraljevo were pushed towards Čačak.

Lined up of the Uzice Workers' Battalion before going to their last fight at the Kadinjača.

25. 11. - Radio Moscow reported that Draza Mihailovic is the leader of all resistance forces, to which Tito reacts with a telegram (the governments of Great Britain and the USSR agree that the reconciliation of Partisans and Chetniks should be achieved, under the leadership of JVUO Commander Draza Mihailovic).

Political commissar of Cacak detachment Ratko Mitrovic speaks to fighters in Cacak.

29. 11. - Battle of Kadinjaca, death of the Workers Battalion, the last defense of Uzice. Germans enter Užice and Požega on the evening. The Supreme Headquarters of the NOP Detachment orders the withdrawal from Western Serbia and Sumadija to Sandzak.

30. 11. - In Cajetina, in Palisade, and Kraljeva voda killed hundreds of partisan wounded.


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