Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in October 1941

The poster for the Anti-Masonic Exhibition.

1.10. - The NOP Supreme Headquarters, in accordance with the decisions of the Stolica, issued an order on labels, flags, the method of greetings, etc.

2.10. - 21 German soldiers were killed on the Belgrade-Obrenovac road. The German command ordered the firing of an appropriate number of inmates from Belgrade and Sabac.

2. 10. - the Statutory provision in the NDH - 10 communists for one Ustash.

3. 10. - Italians organized the Governorate of Montenegro.

5. 10. - The Chetniks of Draza Mihailovic after the fight took Uz and  Pozega from the Partisans.

7. 10. - In the battle for the Kraljevo used battery guns 75mm (captured on the first October.) - after the war, this event was celebrated as the JNA Artillery Day.

Chetniks and Partisans, together, conduct captured German soldiers in Uzice in 1941.

11. 10. - A partisan uprising in Macedonia begins with attacks on some facilities in Prilep.

12. 10. - At a meeting of Muslims in Sarajevo passed the resolution which requires the safety of life, honor, property, and religion of all citizens.

13. 10. - Germans refuse Chetnik conditions for co-operation in the fight against partisans.

14. 10. - The mass shooting of civilians in Krusevac and Draginac.

Draginci 1941

15. 10. - Draza Mihailovic formed the Chetnik Detachment Command for Montenegro (led by Djordji Lasic, in Sandzak Pavle Djurisic); sent an officer to BiH, Lika, Gorski Kotar, Kordun.

15. 10. - The arrest of the remaining Jews of Bosnia (including those who have crossed to Catholicism).

16. 10. - Part of the German 717th Infantry destroys Gornji Milanovac

Memorial Park 14th of October

18 - 20. 10. - Germans were shooting civilians in Kraljevo.

20.10 - After Loznica and Banja Koviljaca, 342nd infantry captured Krupanj, wounded and civilians were killed.

21.10 - Massacre in Kragujevac.

Kragujevac-monument to the executed pupils 1941

21. 10. - The German 113th Infantry Division was ordered to move from the Eastern Front to Serbia
22. 10. - The fifth Home Gard Infantry Division attacks from Sarajevo in the direction of Rogatica.

22.10 - An anti-Masons exhibition (at the same time anti-Jewish and anti-Communist) opened in Belgrade.

25. 10. - British captain Hudson, Major Ostojic and Lalatovic in Draza's headquarters in Ravna Gora (Draza Mihailovic is recognized by the British as the only legitimate commander of the resistance forces).

Kraljevo 1941

26. 10. - The meeting of Tito and Draža in Brajići, agreed only with the division of the booty.

October 30 - Refusal of the attempted breakthrough of 342 infantry to Uzice and Kosjeric.



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