Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in September 1941

The 1st Serbian Volunteer Detachment (Ljotićev) was formed.

1. 9. - Partisan-Chetnik coordination agreement in eastern Bosnia.

Serbian Volunteer Corps on parade

1 - 6. 9. - The offensive Ustasha, Domobrans, German in Bosanska Krajina, fires Mrkonjic, Sipovo, Mliništa. During the offense committed the crimes.

3. 9. - Valjevo NOP detachment and Chetniks Zecevic and R.Martinovic captured Krupanj.

3. 9.  - The official date of establishment of the Ustasha Black League.

Black Legion

5. 9.  - Cooperation Chetniks with Nedic government agreement Milan Nedic and representatives of Draza Mihailovic - together against the Communists, helping create Chetnik units in Bosnia and Montenegro.

6. 9. - All Jews over the age of six years in the territories under German control must wear the Star of David.

9. 9. - British established contact with Draza Mihailovic.

15. 9. - Germany 342nd Infantry Division sent from France to Serbia.

Germany 342nd Infantry Division in a punitive expedition in Mačva.

16. 9. - Adolf Hitler ordered the suppression of the uprising in Serbia at all costs. Germany Administration in Serbia ordered the shooting of 100 Serbs for killed and 50 for wounded German soldiers.

19 September - Meeting of Tito and Draža in Struganik near Mionica.

19 September - The headquarters of the 18th Army Corps (Franz Böhme) transferred from Greece to Belgrade, Beme has military and civil authority in Serbia.

Franz Böhme

24. 9. - Partizans enter Užice, which will be the center of the Uzice Republic for two months; Partisans also entered in Kosjerić.

26 - 29 September - Conflict between Chetniks and Partisans near Kosjeric.

The Germans and Ustashas lead the people of Sabac to a concentration camp.

September 26th - An ammunition factory has been operating in Uzice.

29. 9. - Launch of Operation of the  342nd Infantry Division on Communication Šabac - Loznica ("First Enemy Offensive").

The uprising in occupied Yugoslavia in September 1941.

30. 9. - The "Bloody March" of the inhabitants of Sabac has been completed.

September - Jasenovac camp was established.

September - The name "partisans" instead of "guerrilla".

The crime of the Germans in Sabac 1941.

the second half of September. - Conference of Muslims in the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina condemn the Ustasha crimes; in Ostrošac near Duvno Muslims and Croats liberate Serbs who are Ustashe wanted to kill.



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