Interesting facts and figures on the Balkans in August 1941

August - Ustasha massacres continue (Kljuc, Glamoc, Prijedor, Cazin Krajina ...).

2. 8. - The massacre in Sanski Most, in Šušnjar: Ustasha killed 2,862 Serbs in the town and surrounding area.

6, 8 - Over 400 women and children from the Serbian villages Pribilovci near Capljina was thrown into a pit in Surmanci.


7 - 9. 8. - Operation Kosmaj (or Baden) against the Kosmaj Partisans.

8. 8. - Bos. Petrovac destroyed the Homegards supply chain.

10/8 - Partisans and Chetniks captured Vlasenica in Bosnia (Domobrani returned on 15/16/08).

10. 8. - Italians returned Berane (as well as most cities in northern Montenegro in the past days).

10. 8. - The General Staff of the NOP of Yugoslavia issued an instruction titled "Task of the People's Liberation Partisan Squads", stated, "to ignore the question of the general popular uprising".

12. 8. - By the decree of the Italian King western Macedonia, part of Montenegro and most of the Kosmet connected to Greater Albania.

The ustaše guards pose for a photo while also showing their cruelty.

12. 8. - The Prime Minister in exile Simovic over the BBC against the premature uprising in Yugoslavia.

13. 8. - "Apel to the Serbian people" against the communist uprising, signed by many prominent figures (some refused, a total of 545 signatures).

14 - 26. 8. - Ustasha-Domobransko-German operation against the uprising in Bosanska Krajina.
Mid-August - In Pločnik near Prokuplje the agreement of Chetnik Koste Pecanac with the Germans against the National Liberation Movement (Pecanac sent a proclamation against the uprising on 27 August).

ca. 15. 8. - Draža Mihailović organized the political body of the Central National Committee (the most important members: Dragiša Vasić and Stevan Moljević).

August 17 - Suspects in Belgrade Terazije hanged.

Hanging on Terazije

18. 8 - The concentration camp Buchenwald received first group of Yugoslav prisoners.

18. 8 - Domobrani from Vlasenica entered in Han Pijesak; Chetniks captured Srebrenica; Husin's miners went to Ozren to partisans after receiving the equipment from the Ustashas on the scam.

19. 8 - Ante Pavelić informed Mussolini that he accepted the request for re-occupation of the demilitarized II and III zones.

19. 8 - Serbian quisling government announced a reward for the killing or capture of members of the National Liberation Movement.

28. 8. - Chetniks in Doboj sign a truce with NDH.

Representatives of Chetniks, Ustashas, and Domobrans at a meeting in Bosnia.

29. 8. - The Government of National Salvation led by General Milan Nedic in occupied Serbia, under the mandate of military commander Dankelman (the formal acceptance of Nedic's conditions).

29. 8. - The rebels entered in Mrkonjic Grad.

31. 8. - Partisans occupied Banja Koviljaca


  1. "Representatives of Chetniks, Ustashas, and Domobrans at a meeting in Bosnia." - this is not true. On that picture are shown Milan Nedic who was a Prime Minister of a puppet German government. He was not representativ of the Yugoslav Army in homeland (wrongly named Chetniks). No Chetniks here, just bunch of a nazi


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