The Zastava M55 triple-barreled automatic anti-aircraft gun 20 mm

The Zastava M55 is the name for the triple-barreled automatic anti-aircraft top 20 mm produced in Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav anti-aircraft M55 20 mm was produced under the license of the French antiaircraft gun named Hispano-Suiza HSS-804 20 mm L / 70. This counterweight gun is manufactured in four variants: M55A2, M55A3, M55A4 and M55A4M1 (BOV-3).


The M55A2B1 is designed for action against low-air targets in the airspace, and can also be used against unshielded and easily shielded targets on earth and water. The shooting speed is from 1950 to 2250 bullets per minute. M55 uses drums as an ammunition tank with a capacity of 60 bullets. M55 uses three types of ammunition: 20 × 110 mm M60 armor-piercing grenade pointer/marker,  20 × 110 mm TZO M57 explosive torch cartridge, 20 × 110 mm M79 exercise carousel, 20 × 110 mm M77 exercise cartridges

M55 Anti-aircraft guns with Strela 2 (SA-7) launchers on TAM-110 truck.

The gunner sits at the rear end of the gun and adjusts the traverse (360°) and elevation (+83° to -5°) with two handrails. The M55A3B1 differs from the version of the M55A3 in that on the right there is a built-in "Wankel" engine whose power is used for running along the altitude and altitude. marksman operated with a cannon with a help of a stick (joystick).

Self-propelled anti-aircraft top BOV-3

Variant M55A4B1 has a new more modern sighting device: Sighting computer-hydraulic device NRH J-171 produced in Yugoslavia after the Italian license "Galileo" engine "Wankel" moved under the seat gunners, embedded shield, and may have PAMNS type "horizontal grid" for shooting aerial targets

The triple-barreled M55 A4M1 is placed on the chassis light armored vehicles BOV thus obtained is self-propelled anti-aircraft armored vehicle BOV -3.

Specifications (Zastava M55)

Weight            1,100 kg loaded, 970 kg unloaded
Length            1.47 m (driving condition)
Barrel length   1.956 mm
Width  1.27 m (driving condition)
Height 4.30 m (driving condition)
Crew   6 -- gunner's and commander
Caliber            20 mm
Barrels 3
Action Gas-operated
Traverse          360°
Rate of fire     1,950 and 2,250 rpm cyclic, 700 rpm practical
Effective firing range 4,000 m (vertical), 5,500 m (horizontal)

Feed system    3 x 60 round top-fed drum magazines


  1. Effective range is about 2000m. Maximum range is 4,000m (V). and 5500m (H). Cheers


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