Missile system S-125M1T "NEVA" The rocket, which broke the myth of stealth technology

S-125 Neva missile systems for air defense of the territory. This missile system surface-to-air (Eng. Surface-to-air missile system) is produced in the Soviet Union 60 years of the 20th century. It is still in use in many countries, including Serbia. In recent years, carried out the modernization of the system, which allows it to use, and in today's conditions. NATO name for the system is the SA-3 Goa.

The missile system S-125M1T "NEVA" included:

- station for guiding a rocket (STVR: IME antenna body, the measuring, and calculation UNK- M) and cabin for thermal imaging system
- cabin for distribution supply RCU-N
- electrical station 5E96A
- start equipment (4 launchers 5P73 with 4 missiles 5V27U / D, a vehicle for the supply and installation of missiles PR-14AM)
- mobile repair facility PRM-NM1
- acquisition observation station (OACt) P15 (P12)
- Cable Kits

Military Museum in Belgrade, at Kalemegdan, set up missile system S-125 Neva, which was 18 years ago shot down American bomber stealth technology F-117th

Missile system S-125M1T "NEVA" has the following features:
- the observation zone maximum detection range is 80 km for a radar channel and 20-40 km for Thermal channel
- the destruction zone is 20m lower limit (of 11 km is 500m, the upper limit is 18 km, the minimum distance is 3.5 km, the maximum horizontal distance of 17.5 km, the maximum distance piece is 25 km, the border parameter FX 16.5 km)
- firing targets in a match at speeds up to 700m / s
- shoot targets on land and water

S-125 Neva air defense system from 250th Air Defense Brigade of Serbian Army on display at Batajnica airbase during the Batajnica 2012 open day.

- the probability of destroying the target with two missiles is 98%
- the system is single purpose
- dual channel system is the rocket with the pace of the launch of the 5 seconds
- the system can operate under conditions of passive and active interference
- the system can operate at air temperatures of -40 to + 50 degrees C, humidity of 98% at 25stepeni C, wind speed of 20m / s
- readiness time is 5-7 minutes.

S-125 missiles Neva (SA-3 Goa) which was shotdown an F-117

Shooting down of F-117 on Buđanovac place during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, which is the first and only confirmed the loss of the airplane NATO is in stealth technology. Fly US Air Force Lockheed F-117A Night Hawk with marks AF 82806 HO (base Holloman, New Mexico) was shot down on March 27, 1999, the fourth day of the NATO bombing, and broken down by the 3rd Division 250th Missile Brigade PSC Yugoslavia, which was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (Colonel final), Zoltan days. Flights hit by a Russian missile system S-125 Neva, thanks to the deputy commander Lieutenant Colonel George Anicic who led the entire operation. Unable to further flight, the plane crashed in the area of Srem villages Buđanovci in the house.

Pilot Lt. Col. Dale Zelko rescued six hours after falling.

Map of S-125 operators in blue with former operators in red





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