Military off-road truck TAM 150

Yugoslav-made TAM 150 in Serbian Army

During 1965, at the Traffic Administration of the Federal Secretariat for National Defence established a working group in order to analyze the status of the former vehicle fleet of the Yugoslav People's Army.As a result of the work of the working group during 1965 and 1966, there was a study of non-combat vehicles of the JNA, which was adopted at the session of the Main Military-Technical Council.The study concluded that the fleet makes 129 different vehicle brands and 320 types and determined the guidelines for further development, which included five basic classes: cabriolet 0,75t 4 x 4 off-road car 1.5 t 4 x 4 off-road car 3t 6 to 6, cabriolet 6t 6 to 6 and cabriolet 9t 8 h 8th

Fire engine M-77

AM 150 T11 B / BV is a general purpose off-road lorry made by Slovenian vehicle manufacturer Automobile Factory Maribor (TAM). The truck made under license: Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD), Germany, with a fuel consumption of 30 liters per 100 km. The six-wheel drive lorry is designed for the transport of personnel, weapons and equipment as for traction of weapons and trailer up to 5 tons of weight (3 tons off-road) for the needs of the Yugoslav People's Army.

Unlike TAM 110 vehicles, vehicle TAM 150 has three axles.

TAM 150 military transport truck

In their name tags have the following meanings:
TAM - name of the manufacturer,
150 - power in horsepower,
T11 - the maximum permissible total weight of 7 tons,
B - code standard TAM for forward control cab (cab over engine)
BV - code standard TAM for forward control cab and the vehicle is equipped with a winch.

M94 Plamen S 128mm multiple rocket launcher of Serbian Army mounted on TAM

The use
After the disintegration of Yugoslavia trucks, TAM 150 T11 B / BV were found in the fleet army of newly formed states. Part of the truck was purchased the eighties and for the purposes of police units, but is now a part of the Serbian Interior Ministry, especially the Gendarmerie is the number of these trucks. TAM 150 T7 B / BV and TAM 110 T7 B / BV eighties exported to Middle East countries.

Mobile communications truck TAM 150 T11 B  BV

Technical specifications

The curb weight of 6400 kg
Capacity, field / road 3000 kg / 5000 kg
Maximum trailer weight 1800 kg
Displacement 9572 cm3
Maximum power of 110 kW at 2650 min-1
Length 6550 mm
Width 2275 mm
Height 2820 mm
Maximum speed of 85 km / h [



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