Tito's underground submarine garage (VIDEO)


During World War II The Partisans have used a large number of smaller vessels which were performed attacks on convoys in the Italian Adriatic. After the war, the Yugoslav Navy has used numerous German and Italian submarines, destroyers, minesweepers and landing craft that were captured during the war or have been obtained as part of war reparations. From the United States in the late 1940s has purchased eight torpedo boats but most of these units were soon canceled because outdated.

The power of the Yugoslav Navy has increased during the 1960s when the USSR delivered ten missile boat class Osa-I and four torpedo boats class Shershen. For Shershen later obtained the license so that in Yugoslavia made 11 more ships.

The island of Vis was 50 years been isolated and inaccessible to tourists. In fact, at the end of World War II, Vis was the seat of the highest civilian, military and political organs of Yugoslavia. After the withdrawal of the Yugoslav army from the island in 1992 there are numerous empty barracks and haunting memories of the local population at that time. Undermine and underground tunnels together, reaching a length of 70 km, turn the bowels of the island in the underground labyrinth.
Along with everything mentioned on the island, there is an underground garage for a submarine that you can look at a short video





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