The MT-55A armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank

The MT-55A  is an armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank, manufactured by ZTS Martin in Slovakia. The AVLB is based on a T-55A medium tank chassis, with the turret detached and replaced by a special bridge launching equipment.
The MT-55A was produced for the armies of the Warsaw Pact (including the Soviet Army), as well as for export clients.
It is equipped with a bridge and devices that allow the laying of the bridge over the obstacles and accommodation bridge back to the armored body of the tank carriers.

These devices consist of:
* Mechanism for laying a bridge that provides routing (setting - the launch) and accommodation (lifting) bridge
* Hydraulic device that is powered by laying a bridge
* Drive the hydraulic pump unit
* Reliance on which is when the bridge of the armored body of the tank carriers

Tank carrier bridge MT-55A is designed for the quick laying of the bridge over antitank barriers (anti-trenches, steep slopes, and slope) on land that is otherwise the running in normal combat conditions. It is also capable of laying a bridge over water obstacles with muddy or soft bottoms, with steep banks without the Engineering Planning, through a deep and impenetrable parts of the riverbeds.
The bridge can also be used as additional reinforcement of existing bridges because of insufficient capacity and to consolidate parts of the terrain with a soft surface.

An MT-55 armored vehicle-launched bridge in Military Day 2015 in Uffenheim.

The bridge is laid over obstacles, removed from it and placed in the armored body through a mechanism for laying the bridge which triggered hydraulic cylinders hydraulic equipment.
On a tank carrier bridge is most identical devices located on the tank T-55A as well as modified and new assemblies that are not in the main tank.

MT-55 bridge layer tank of the Finnish Army crossing its own bridge.

Identical assemblies (devices) are: engine mounts, lubrication system, a device for air supply, command high pressure pumps, exhaust pipes, the main clutch, gearbox, planetary circuits for turning, brakes, drive wheels, support wheels with a torsion axle, sloths with a device for tensioning caterpillar, caterpillar, hydraulic shock absorbers, control instruments and the driver's seat.
Modified assemblies are an armored body, a device for the fuel supply, multiplier command planetary assemblies for rotation, electrical device, surveillance equipment with the IC device, the device PNZ, a device for creating smoke curtains, fire extinguisher, equipment for underwater driving.

The principle of laying the bridge in stages ....

The new assemblies are the bridge and devices for storing and laying bridge.

MT-55A is one of the intermediate types of tank.
The total weight is 36 tons.
Weight bridge is 6 tons.
The number of crew - 2 (commander and driver)
Time of taking the bridge is 3 minutes and the time of accommodation bridge the tank 5 to 8 minutes.
The maximum capacity of the bridge is 50 tons.
Length MT-55A with complex bridge is 9,880 mm
Length MT-55A with the bridge mounted on flat terrain is 27.100 mm
The width of the MT-55A without the bridge is 3,270 mm
The width of the MT-55A with the bridge is 3,300 mm
Height MT-55A with complex bridge is 3,350 mm
Length assembled bridge is 9,600 mm
Length stripped bridge is 18,000 mm
The bridge is 3,300 mm



  1. Nice info and good post, even if Slovakia it is in Central Europe not in Balkans. Good history, bad gheography :)))

    1. this vehicle also usen in Yugoslav People's Army ;)

  2. Nice info and good post, even if Slovakia it is in Central Europe not in Balkans. Good history, bad gheography :)))

  3. Replies
    1. The finnish bridgelayer is an BLG-60 M2 of the former east german army NVA.


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