Air Surveillance and Guidance

The system of air surveillance, reporting and guidance developed in the postwar period. In the National Liberation War developed only certain features of the system. Immediately after the war, with a development of other arms and services, started the organization and creation of material and personnel basis for the organization of the system air surveillance and reporting.
Establishing the VOJIN (Aero monitoring, reporting, and guidance) made in 1953 when it organized a system for air surveillance and reporting (VOJ).

At the end of 1945 from the collected staff and equipment, was established in Zagreb School center PAA, in which, in addition to professional and combat training, intensive service studied air surveillance and notification. Parallel to this the units PAO starts the process of organization of service of air surveillance and notification.

By the end of 1946, collected a number of qualified PA sighting radar "Würzburg" and one surveillance radar type "Freja". In early 1947, formed the first radio observation troop. The company was formed for the purpose of training center PAA, preservation and study of material collected and further study of the practical preparations radar.


Units of VOJIN perform the following tasks:
Continuously monitored airspace
Discover and continuously monitor the means of attack from the air
Inform the units and institutions of military and civil defense centers on the situation in the air
Pots radar support of combat operations unit LA, RJ PSC, PAA
Pots guidance LA to detect targets in the air
indicate other types of aircraft in the area of execution of combat missions
Provide navigational assistance to aircraft emergency

The electronic technical devices comprises:

radar equipment

Devices for processing, display, and transmission of data (computer equipment)
Devices for electronic identification
Devices for connection
Power supplies

Types and features of radar devices in units VOJIN determined by the purpose and tasks of units, namely:

long-range radars
medium-range radars
short-range radar
radars for measuring a height



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