Light Machine Gun M-72 + VIDEO

Light machine gun M72 B1 functions on the Kalashnikov principle. It has an efficient and reliable locking system, with the safety system that prevents firing before the weapon is fully locked.
The reliability of functioning in various environments was confirmed in many years of exploit.

Long service life and exceptional precision are achieved with cold forged barrel. The fluted barrel is cooled quicker, thus ensuring precision of the weapon even in heavy duty. Goods solution for its ergonomics and excellent balance result in mild recoil.
Fire selector lever has three positions: single shot, burst, safe.

Gas flow regulator ensures that the weapon can be used in extreme environments and it also can be used when it is very dirty.

Built-in bipod, which can be folded, facilitates aiming and firing during burst fire.
Iron sights with tritium tubes provide the possibility of aiming in conditions of low visibility.
Handguards and stock are made of quality beech.

The weapon is fed from a magazine with the cap
acity of 30 rounds, which is the same for all automatic weapons in cal. 7.62 x 39 mm produced by Zastava Arms.

M72 - Standard version with a fixed wooden stock. Utilizes a milled receiver.
M72B1 - Same as the M72, but with an updated stamped receiver instead of the milled receiver.
M72AB1 - Same as the M72B1, but with a folding stock.
Many variants have also been made in Iraq under the name of 'Tabuk' (i.e. Tabuk Sniper Rifle), which are direct copies of the M70A and the M72.

Complete set:
·         Light machine gun M72 B1
·         4 spare magazines
·         Sling
·         Cleaning rod
·         Cleaning kit
·         Oil can
·         Blank ammunition attachment
·         Tritium rear sight
·         Bag
·         Ammunition bag
·         Handling and maintenance manuals


Weight            5.5 kg
Length            1025 mm
Barrel length   542 mm
Caliber            7.62×39mm
Action Gas-actuated (rotating bolt)
Rate of fire     620 RPM
Muzzle velocity          745 m/s
Effective firing range 400 m
Feed system    30, 40 round box magazines or 75 round drum magazine
Sights  Adjustable iron sights, optional mount required for optical sights




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