Short machine gun Crvena Zastava, M 56, cal. 7.62x25 mm

At the end of the thirties of the twentieth century, Yugoslav National Army launches own design of short machine guns and over the model M49, M49 / 57 and M51 ends evolution of short machine gun with a model M56. This short machine gun has deep roots in the family of German short machine gun MP38 and MP40, which is evident from the looks, the mechanism of ignition and many other minor structural solutions.

When in 1964 was introduced assault rifle Kalashnikov, the machine gun is gradually withdrawn from the JNA units and later handed over to detachments of Defense and the Federal Secretariat for Internal Affairs. This is one of the few short machine guns, which in its kit has a knife (bayonet).
Time of production: from 1957 to 1970

Manufacturer: Crvena Zastava Kragujevac, FNRJ
Magazine 32 charge

Dimensions: 77x25x7 cm




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